SEDA Offers Saskatchewan Municipalities Mobile Apps to Drive Local Commerce

Customizable 468 Insider apps reward visitors and residents for engaging in the community.



July 25, 2017 – The Saskatchewan Economic Development Association (SEDA) is now the exclusive provider of the 468 Insider platform across Saskatchewan. In an increasingly digital and mobile world, communities are challenged to stay engaged with visitors and residents. To support shop local initiatives and tourism, the 468 Insider platform from 468 Communications allows municipalities to maintain their own branded mobile apps that reward users for visiting places in the community.

“When it comes to economic development, technology can help level the playing field for our rural communities,” said Verona Thibault, Executive Director for SEDA. “The 468 Insider platform is a powerful tool for engaging residents and visitors with local businesses, recreation, culture and tourism.”

468 Insider apps are named and branded by communities that deploy them. Municipalities can easily set up, manage and dynamically update information within their apps through a user-friendly online control panel. Assigning points to each location in an app creates incentives for users to visit those places. App administrators can then identify Rewards locations where users can redeem their points for value when they make purchases. Analytics tools in the administrator’s control panel provide information such as where visitors are from and what places they visit.

“In a world where we’re engaging less and less with the people and places around us, we need to place a premium on presence,” said Tim Fry, President of 468 Communications. “468 Insider apps help rural communities create incentives around presence, which will ultimately reward visitors and residents for investing in the local economy.”

The 468 Insider platform is available now for any community to deploy. Those interested in more information, including pricing, should contact Verona Thibault at SEDA. Visit the Saskatchewan Insider App webpage.


About SEDA
SEDA is Saskatchewan’s leading non-governmental organization with a focus on community and economic development. SEDA is committed to enhancing the economic vibrancy, competitiveness and resilience of Saskatchewan and supports economic capacity through provision of a wide array of programs and services.

About 468 Communications
468 Communications helps organizations be more present with their communities through creative storytelling and practical use of technology. Sandcastle Web Design & Development is the technology partner working with 468 Communications to bring the 468 Insider apps to life. Access more information on 468 Communications online.

For more information:
Verona Thibault 306-381-3900, Executive Director, SEDA (cell)
Tim Fry, 468 Communications 206.660.4321(cell)