Inland Northwest Ale Trail App Rewards Exploration of Idaho and Washington Craft Breweries


Inland Northwest Ale Trail App Launches for Idaho and Washington

Today, 468 Communications announced the Inland Northwest Ale Trail app from the Inland Northwest Craft Brewers Association. Created using the 468 Insider platform, the app rewards exploration of the craft brewery scene in Idaho and Washington. Data generated by the app helps improve what the Ale Trail offers to both beer lovers and association members.

More than a guide to breweries, the free Inland Northwest Ale Trail app allows users to collect points when they visit destinations within the Inland Northwest Ale Trail. Those points can be redeemed for rewards at local breweries.

The 468 Insider platform includes an online admin tool, which the managers of the Northwest Ale Trail use to create and update content within their app. The tool includes a rich set of reports that track overall usage, where visitors are from, and the popularity of individual destinations within the ale trail – including where people collect and redeem points. These data are used to inform overall marketing efforts as well as to help association members drive more traffic and loyalty to their breweries.

“Brewers associations were early adopters of the passport concept, which shows people like being rewarded for their exploration,” said Tim Fry, creator of 468 Insider and founder of 468 Communications. “468 Insider allows the Inland Northwest Ale Trail to extend that concept in a way that creates a better experience for visitors, while making breweries smarter about who’s walking through their doors.”

The Inland Northwest Ale Trail app is available as a free download from the App Store and Google Play.


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About the Inland Northwest Craft Brewers Association
The Inland Northwest Craft Brewers Association is committed to enriching and growing Inland Northwest breweries, beer culture, and local communities through outreach and education. The Inland NW Ale Trail app rewards people for exploring Idaho’s and Washington’s craft brewery destinations and the area around them. Within the ale trail you will find recommended itineraries to explore the respective destination – this includes an array of craft breweries, pubs, restaurants, cafes, outdoor activities, sightseeing, accommodations and more.