City of Colfax Launches Mobile App using 468 Insider from 468 Communications

Colfax Insider rewards People for exploring Colfax, WA, the Heart of the Palouse


Colfax Insider

February 27, 2017 – Today, The Colfax Chamber of Commerce launched Colfax Insider, a smartphone app that rewards people for exploring Colfax, Washington. The more places users visit around Colfax, the more points they can earn and redeem for goods or services at rewards locations around the city. Based on the 468 Insider platform from 468 Communications, Colfax Insider is available now as a free download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

"More and more people are discovering the hidden gems of Colfax," said Valoree Gregory, Director of the Colfax Chamber of Commerce. "We chose 468 Insider to create our Colfax app because it provides a fun way to not only showcase these gems, but also provide incentives for visitors and residents to shop at local businesses."

The Colfax Insider app's Explore button takes users to the map of Colfax, which has pins indicating places of interest.  Clicking on each pin on the map gives more information about that place. Locations around Colfax are assigned a point value, which can be collected when one is within GPS range of a location. Pushing the "Collect Points" button while physically visiting a location will add the location’s points to a user's point total.

Points accumulated with Colfax Insider can be redeemed for goods or services at Rewards locations listed in the app. At launch, Rewards locations include: Abundant Faith Studio, Colfax Golf Course, The Dusty Attic, Fonk's Coffeehouse, The Hen House Chicks, Hyde Out Tavern and Palouse River Quilts. Businesses interested in being added to the app should contact the Colfax Chamber of Commerce.


About Colfax
Grounded in hometown values and agrarian roots, Colfax is the county seat of Whitman County. With 2,846 residents, Colfax ensures a high quality of life through a healthy patchwork of history, business opportunities, neighborhoods, education, recreation, and culture.  People come from all around to photograph the Palouse Country, of which Colfax is the heart.

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