468 Insider Update Gives Individual Location Owners More Control

468 Insider Update Gives Individual Location Owners More Control


June 25, 2019- The 468 Insider app platform now gives owners of individual locations represented in 468 Insider apps full control over their location page content and app usage reports.

“This dramatically enhances the value of 468 Insider to businesses and other organizations that populate these community apps,” says Tim Fry, Founder of 468 Communications. “Location owners now have direct access to a very powerful tool for engaging visitors.”

The two primary benefits from this update are the time savings for 468 Insider clients and increased autonomy and value for locations represented in these apps.

468 Insider app administrators can now grant individual location managers access to control the information and reporting related to their location’s page in the app. Location owners can make changes or run reports related to their location’s page. Individual location managers can fill in or update their page on the app, make quick changes for a temporary promotion, and run reports showing who is collecting or redeeming points at their location.

“This added value creates new opportunities for how clients fund and monetize their 468 Insider app,” says Jacob Moore, account manager, 468 Communications.

468 Insider will be conducting webinars on how to best utilize this new feature. If you are already a client, or are wondering how this technology can impact your community, email info@468insider.com today to schedule your webinar!